Thierry Goldberg Gallery

Marquee Moon
Rachel Beach, John Dante Bianchi, Amy Feldman, Derek Franklin, Ted Gahl, Dave Hardy, Toulu Hassani, Benjamin Horns, Bas van den Hurk, Tiziano Martini, Augustus Nazzaro, Jamie Sneider, Rita Sobral Campos.

July 10 - August 15, 2014

Summer Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11-6:00


Thierry Goldberg Gallery is pleased to present "Marquee Moon," a group exhibition of painting and sculpture, with works by Rachel Beach, John Dante Bianchi, Amy Feldman, Derek Franklin, Ted Gahl, Dave Hardy, Toulu Hassani, Benjamin Horns, Tiziano Martini, Augustus Nazzaro, Jamie Sneider, and Rita Sobral Campos.


The show takes its title from the 1977 debut album of the post-punk band Television. The lyrics in the album, as described on wikipedia, "combine urban and pastoral imagery,” where “many of the songs share geographical references to lower Manhattan.


This notion of the Urban Pastoral, the interchange between pastoral romanticism and city dwelling, comes into play in the works presented in the exhibition. Referring to Television’s lead singer Tom Verlaine in his 1977 review of the album for Rolling Stone Magazine, Ken Tucker wrote: “when pressed, Verlaine even opts for the mechanical over the natural: in the title song, he doesn't think that a movie marquee glows like the moon; he feels that the moon resonates with the same evocative force as a movie marquee.”


Working with gestural or geometric abstraction, the thirteen artists in the exhibition sometime use industrial materials or processes, in some cases mimicking a machine made artifact, or incorporating a ready-made, while often emphasizing form and surface. Television took their inspiration from The Bowery of the late 70’s, these days artists find beauty in the industrial landscapes off the Jefferson stop of the L train.


Marquee Moon opens July 10 and will run until August 15. For more information, please contact the gallery at 212.967.2260 or